Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog is moving!

Hey everyone,

I just took a fantastic wordpress class by Karen at Impact Online Marketing, so my blogger site is moving! I can't wait for all the cool features I'll be enjoying, I've grown out of this basic platform pretty quickly.

To see what's in store, visit

Friday, April 19, 2013

Learn to swing dance, we'll provide the music!

Hello, beautiful people. I want to share this event with you, as it will be my last big show in Missoula for awhile! I have a 6-piece swing band ready to go, which includes Bob Athearn, the indomitable piano personality who has been getting a lot of press lately.

I have always loved working with Bob because of his quick wit and great piano chops. What I didn't know is that he's 76 years old, and was only 4 years from retirement after 30 years of working for the University of Montana... until they let him go due to budget cuts this month, to be replaced with recorded music. Doesn't that just make your skin crawl??

I hope you'll come to the swing dance and support me as I say goodbye to Missoula. But with this additional news, I also hope you'll show your support for Bob Athearn by attending this event and just thanking him for making the University a more wonderful place for so many years. The article which discusses Bob leaving can be found here.

The University will surely come to regret their choice! Check out this great video of Bob created by Sally Finneran, and read the article about Bob Athearn's contribution to the U.

[From Kaimin article "The Man Behind the Music", written by Lizzy Duffy with photos by Megan Jae Riggs]

So, will you join us to celebrate this legacy and give me a great kick-off to the next stop on my slow motion world tour?

Again, the show is Saturday April 20th, 2013 
At the University of Montana UC Ballroom
Lesson at 7pm, Live Music starts at 8pm
Tickets at Door: $5 UM students/staff/faculty, $7 general admission, $8 couples

I really hope to see you there.

~ Laura Gabriele

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Slow Motion World Tour Continues

Laura Gabriele Blues Singer
Photo by: Casey Massena

Hey everyone,

I have some news. I wanted to share this with you in a video but it was too emotional for me! In just 11 days, I'm packing up and leaving Missoula.

I only have two shows left, so I hope I can entertain you one more time before I make my exit.

I'm going to miss all of you so much, and want you to know how much I appreciate what you've done to encourage and inspire me to form my band, record my original songs, and perform locally.

I have three main reasons that I'm leaving.

First and foremost, my husband and I have earned our degrees which brought us out to Montana in the first place! We're really excited to start our next chapter, and just like every new chapter of our lives together so far, it all begins with a cross-country road trip.

Second, I have a serious problem with staying in one place. Actually, I don't think of it as a problem, more as a state of being. I have a gypsy spirit! Anyone who has known me for more than a few years knows that I don't stay in one place for too long. If it helps, you can think of my life as a very slow motion world-tour.

Third, it's time to be closer to family and some major cities where I can really spread my wings, making the East coast my destination of choice.

Missoula wisdom: I want everyone out there to know that when you go for any goal, you need to look around you for the people who truly care and want to see you succeed. Remain open to their advice, constructive criticism, and their offers to help you along the way. And remember to thank them in every way you can. Still, always remain true to yourself and your own vision.

I have some Missoula people to thank for my exponential growth. It certianly hasn't been a one-person project. I wish I had time to thank you all in person.

I want to thank Marie Pettit, a local musician who helped introduce me to the Montana jazz scene. Her friendliness and giving spirit gave me the courage to start up music again in a place that at the time was totally unfamiliar to me. Tommy Pertis was first to invite me on a Missoula stage, and would welcome me up by saying "If you haven't heard Laura sing yet, you're in for a treat"... which gave me a permanent goofy smile during my songs. Also thanks to Kyle Gillett who connected me with his band and did some really cool collaborations with me, opening the door for me to work with Soulaphone and Kung Fu Kongress, the coolest bands in town.

My gratitude to Sonja Grimmsmann who helped me define my goals for my music career in the Entertainment Management Program, and thereby became a catalyst for my first major music project, "Laura and The Salvation Blues", also thanks to Dom who volunteered time and energy to helping me hone my online presence. To the Montana Musicians and Artists Coalition who hosted my first performance, and for the members of Elevate Church who packed the house for it. It was an amazing start to my endeavor!

I want to thank my original band members of The Salvation Blues Christopher, Andrew, Alyssa, and Jordan who patiently worked through my original songs when they were still in their infancy to bring them to life in a big way. Thank you to Youa Vang , Megan Jae Riggs , and Jake England for your incredible portait photography, Amanda Peterson for the great live band shots, some of which are still my band member's profile pics.

Thank you to Bruce who runs Daly Jazz for bringing world-class jazz acts to Missoula, and allowing me to volunteer. To my vocal jazz mentor Eden Atwood whose work with me has already been mentioned on this blog a time or two.

I hold deep admiration for Alyssa McLean, who served as a living example of how to incorporate a great passion and talent with faith and humility in music.

Also thanks to Keaton Wilson, whose piano accompaniment and interest in my original music kept my musical wheels turning even in the face of my temporary setbacks.

These Missoula people helped make my pursuit of music here a success in my mind.

There are many others I haven't listed here, and others still who may not live in Missoula but are always important to my growth.

I believe it's never too early or too late to thank someone for their impact on you. 

I will miss you all, I promise to visit again and I hope we can have a renuinion of sorts someday.

Please stay in touch, I'm excited for what's to come. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

With love and gratitude,

Laura Gabriele

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Red Stiletto Effect

When I wear my red stilettos, I seriously feel like I could conquer the world... I wonder what the male equivalent is to my favorite accessory?

Before you shrug off this post as just being some girly love note to my shoes, think again!

Did you know that attitude is linked to what we wear? It absolutely is, that's why they say "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" ...It changes not just how you feel about yourself, but how others percieve you, and the combination of the two has the power to re-shape reality.

Not every situation calls for the red stiletto effect.

I only bring them out when I have some real kick-butt performing to do. It's my war paint.

I'll be using these shoes to my advantage today at noon in the University Center. I'll try to get some video but as always the best way to enjoy is to come see us play live!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Blues

I've been singing jazz for a long time, but I got hooked on the blues driving around in the desert valley of Las Vegas in 2009.

I realized something then: The blues, that familiar chordal pattern and genre so dear to us all contains within it some kind of amazing soothing power. Just the guitar rolling over the V chord on a turn-around can carry your emotions with it and, lift them up to God.

I believe we're not supposed to carry our sorrows around with us. And for those who have forgotten how to pray, the blues can put us in a state of mind that is a whole lot like prayer.

I'm feeling some of this right now as I face change in my life after graduating college. It is a happy time, and it is also full of sometimes unsettling uncertainty. Although I pray, sometimes I feel like I just don't have the words.

Thus, my latest song was born, and along with it, this little image that I have here for you:

I want to encourage you remember music. If you're going through something, don't forget that music might be the missing peice to set your heart right again. Go out and see a live performance!

If you're looking for a place to catch the blues ASAP in Missoula, tomorrow night (4/4/13) Kevin Van Dort kicks off his North American tour out of Draught Works Brewery. He is one of Missoula's best and has star quality. I really enjoyed singing Summertime with him and the Ed Norton Big Band, which I've posted here.

If you can make it, my next show is at high noon on the campus of The University of Montana Wednesday April 10th. You can find me in the middle of the University Center atrium singing the blues like it's my job... because it is. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Performing Thursday the 28th at 6pm!

Tonight, Keaton Wilson will be on the piano accompanying me for another great night of jazz at the Montgomery Distillery.

This is the second show in a series that we've created with the distillery, where we perform a showcase of classic jazz as well as a few originals.

Some originals we will be playing:
Smoking Gun
Beautiful Sight
Charlotte ---(BRAND NEW!)
Red Candy Heart
You Lied

Plus, I can't wait to put our spin on Heartbreak Hotel and Puttin' on the Ritz.

Please visit my Facebook page: Montana Jazz Vocalist and stay connected!

The Montgomery Distillery is located at 129 W. Front St. in Missoula, MT and music will be between 6pm-8pm.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Celebrities With Solid Marriages

When it comes to pursuing music as a career, my main fear may surprise you. It's not the people and pressure that most scare me.

It's success!

I'm afraid of success because of the seemingly endless examples of the music industry's propensity to tear apart relationships. So, to counteract my fear I sought out some good examples of some marriages that have stood the test of time (at least 20 years), despite the pressure of limelight.

I hope this list can encourage you too. It's no secret that media puts emphasis on negativity. You'd be surprised how many great marriages exist in showbiz. I know I was!

My favorite couple in showbiz is Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan. They were eachother's first girlfriend-boyfriend and truly seem to be an ideal match. I love it! There picture is featured below.

Gloria and Emilio Estefan

Celebrities with successful marriages (20+ years!)

 Denzel and Pauletta Washington
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Tom and Lois Bergeron
Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara
Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley
Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson
Ann-Margret and Roger Smith
Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel
Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber
David McCallum and Katherine Carpenter
Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack
Frankie Avalon and Kay Diebel
Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss 
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor
Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft
Bob Hope and Dolores DeFina
Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee
 Charlton Heston and Lydia Clarke
Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse
James Garner and Lois Clarke
Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan
Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys
Larry and Maj Hagman
Rance and Jean Speegle Howard
Alan Alda and Arlene Alda
Kirk Douglas and Anne Douglas
Jamie Farr and Joy Ann Richards
Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby
Jimmy Stewart and Gloria Stewart
Rosalind Russell and Frederick Brisson
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Billy Crystal and Janice Crystal
Susan Lucci Huber and Helmut Huber
Fred MacMurray and June MacMurray
Regis And Joy Philbin
Donald Sutherland and Francine Racette
Vicki Lawrence and Al Schultz
Charlie Chaplin and Oona Chaplin
Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard
Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi
John and Elizabeth Larroquette
Sidney Portier and Joanna Shimkus
Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel
 Paul and Linda Mc.Cartney
Meryl Streep and Don Gummer
Jay Leno and Mavis Nicholson
Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond
 Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach
Lucille Ball and Gary Morton
Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas
Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield
Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman
Chevy Chase and Jayni Luke
Dan Akroyd and Donna Dixon
Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman
James Earl Jones and Cecilia Hart
Martin Short and Nancy Dolman
Jeff Daniels and Kathleen Treado

May this list inspire you to keep your relationships strong no matter what the pressures of life bring you. As a unit, you are more powerful, let nothing come between you! <3

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm a 1920's Flapper! Jazz ~ Jazz ~ Jazz!

Preparing for this 1920's themed show has been a jazz and blues vocalist's dream come true. Along the way, I've been learning a lot about the music and fashion that shaped the jazz age. It was during this time that the Flapper style emerged, and not just the style- but a whole new type of woman.

The flapper was at the epicenter of the culture war that forever changed the way society views women, and set the tone for the women's suffrage movement.

The "flapper" was a term for a woman who cut her hair in a short bob, wore a good amount of makeup, and wasn't afraid of defying the rigid Victorian social norms that women of the day were expected to adhere to. They were known for listening to jazz and carrying themselves with a unique confidence and independence. Sound like someone you know? I hope so.

The way I see it, the 1920's were the American Woman's teenage years. Boundaries were tested and pushed. Swearing, drinking, carousing were the behavior of a woman who could be seen as "of the times". While I don't fully identify with the characteristic "flapper girl", I admire the spirit that was necessary to counteract the serious discrimination that women endured for so long.

At my show, I'll be proud to represent the women of the 1920's who threw off the shackles of yesterday, and made way for women like me who can perform onstage, kick butt in the office, and make an honest living without being dependent on a man to get by. I'm married and so happy, and part of my biblical view of marriage is that the woman should not a burden, or merely a child-rearer, rather a go-getter, and a financial team-mate in the household, just like it says in Proverbs.

This flapper fad died away with the Great Depression. Like one of life's hard lessons- a death of a friend, a broken heart, the Great Depression became the antidote for a generation experimenting with sometimes unweildy amounts of hedonism. But, they came out the other side with new value systems, which included greater respect and broader definitions for the female's role in society.

I love this white dress that I found with the event organizers at the Missoula Children's Theatre. If you're ever on the hunt for great vintage clothing, make sure to check into your local theatres and playhouses! That's where I find the good stuff for my shows.

What I love best about this dress is that it makes me feel free- the fringe flaps around and is a whole lot of  fun, and still the dress isn't too revealing.

I would love to see you at this show. There's so much more to it than just this dress! With some great local musicians, I've created a line-up of songs that are both reminicient of the 1920's and modern at the same time. I can't wait to sing it for you!

Please connect with me on my facebook:
And subscribe on the sidebar to keep getting my updates!

Jazz on, my friends!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big show on Saturday the 23rd!

It's been a fun few days as I prepare for my next big show! It's a 20's themed event, and I will be performing songs old and new with Missoula's Keaton Wilson on piano, Ed Stalling on drums, and Pete Hand on bass. These are some of the best players in town and it's an honor to be sharing the stage with them, and especially for such a good cause.

Get tickets here: Get tickets for Many Faces of Women 2013

The event is a fundraiser for WORD (Women's Opportunity Resource Development). It's a charity dinner and acution to support their vision to model and actively promote ways of working that:

  • Value and celebrate women’s experiences and contributions;
  • Respect individual dignity and honor diversity;
  • Ensure accessibility for those with the least access to resources, value and power;
  • Are holistic, client-centered and strengths-based;
  • Encourage creativity, community and openness to change 
I've lined up a great set list and will even be doing a little decorating of the stage. I can't wait to help you cut a rug!

I invite you to connect with my Facebook!
Come "like" the WORD page to show your support:
WORD facebook page:

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Charlotte"- Lyrics

After over 6 months of writing, molding and tweaking, my song about a woman's firearm is finally ready to record... interesting timing! I was inspired to write this song with the mounting news of sexual violence occuring in my own small town of Missoula, MT last Summer. I can't wait to share "Charlotte" with you, surprise a few yawners and turn the tables on crime, hopefully sometime next week?

Here are the lyrics:

Charlotte is a gun
I keep her in my garter just in case, some guy think's I'm for fun
That's the worst mistake he's ever gonna make

Charlotte doesn't sleep
Charlotte doesn't blink or take a break
Charlotte is a gun
Charlotte says she don't care what you say

She knows the truth, she needs no judge,
She is the last thing between you and God
She needs no proof of what she's seen,
She is my angel and my machine

Charlotte is a gun

" 'Safety first' is the motto of Miss Mary Jayne of Keith's circuit. Mary Jayne, seated in rocking chair with pistol strapped to her knee, claiming exemption from concealed weapon regulation by saying her thirty-two isn't a concealed weapon in these days of knee-length skirts." National Photo Company Collection, February 14, 1922.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Candy Heart

My latest song, "Red Candy Heart" recorded live with Keaton Wilson on Saturday is available for free download, click here: Red Candy Heart free download
The recipe called for some spicy sweetness with a dash of craving, and I think it came out just right. Please take a listen and if you like it, leave a comment right here to let us know we've done good!  

I wrote this song for the Renee Grant-Williams Valentine's songwriting contest. Entries are now closed. Winner gets a free 1 hour voice lesson with this vocal coach of the stars. She's in Nashville and some of her clients include:  Miley Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Linda Ronstadt, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill, Huey Lewis, Martina McBride, Chicago, Dixie Chicks, Ben Folds, Scott Stapp (Creed), Kenny Chesney, Pam Tillis, Keith Urban, Hank Williams III...

Naturally you can see why I'd be very psyched indeed to win this competition, however I have to say that win or lose, I'm very happy with having a new recording out to share with my people.

Red candy heart, spicy sweet and just for me
You are my favorite Valentine treat
Mmm, Red candy heart, God formulated you
Up in heaven for my Earthly tounge, taste and see
the Lord is good!

You're good to the last little bite
I ought to ration you through these troublin' times
But I took you for granted, lost my self control
Now I'm empty handed and scroungin' for more

Mmm, red candy heart, please supply me by the ton
So hard to find by Summertime, I'll stock up this Valentine's
MMm, red candy heart, God formulated you
Up in heaven for my Earthly tounge, taste and see
the Lord is good!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Jazzy Love Song Collection and a Special Dedication

I'm building the perfect collection of  jazz love songs because I have something very special planned for my next show.

The show is this valentine's day at Missoula's Montgomery Distillery and pianist Keaton Wilson and I are planning to create the most romantic and classy environment for your valentine that Missoula has ever seen.

I would love to fill this show with songs that are truly special to all of you, and to let your love stories create the energy behind my delivery of these songs on the day of the performance.  

So, Keaton Wilson (pianist) and I are working together to provide a list of songs you can choose from as a dedication at our upcoming show: Valentine's Day Jazz at the Montgomery Distillery

Is there a song below that you would love to hear sung especially for your valentine?

You'll just need to tell us: the name of your valentine, the song from the list, and bonus!!: how long you've been together.

A Time for Love
Alright, Okay, You Win
Autumn Leaves
As Time Time Goes By
Come Fly With Me
Comes Love
Corcovado (Quiet Nights)
East of The Sun’
Every Time We Say Goodbye
Fly Me to The Moon
A Foggy Day
I Could Write a Book
I'm Beginning to See the Light
It Had to Be You
I've Got You Under My Skin
I've Got The World on a String
Just in Time
Just the Way You Are
Lets Fall in Love
My Favorite Things
My Funny Valentine
My Old Flame
My One and Only Love
My Romance
Old Devil Moon 
Peel Me a Grape
Our Love is Here to Stay
There Will Never Be Another You
They Can't Take That Away
This Can't Be Love
What A Difference a Day Made
What A Wonderful World 
When I Fall in Love
You Made Me Love You
You Go To My Head

A song doesn't have to reflect a certain person to make it memorable, it can also remind you of a certain time in your life, or a certain day, or just a feeling you once had that you can't quite put into words.

Whether you can make it to the show or not, I invite you to place your dedication below in the comments. We will still perform the song and will make an announcement in your valentine's honor as a thank you for being our faraway fan. I appreciate you so much!

To stay in touch, the best place to be is my facebook page:

Happy Valentine's Day, to you and yours!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My vocal coaches, and my first lesson in years, with Eden Atwood

Lola, my microphone.
Can you put a price on a good vocal coach? Beginning from a very young age, my mom always did her best to connect me with great teachers. Now it's my turn to start seeking one out for myself, and I must admit, I've been delaying it for far too long.

In my life, finding a great teacher has been as much a product of divine providence as dumb luck. I was lucky as a little girl living in Niskayuna, NY to be shaped by Holly Johnston, then known to me as Mrs. Peirce. Her passion for music and ability to make music fun really made an impression on me, as you can probably tell.

After learning that I had chosen to pursue music as a career, Holly invited me to lead a Rosendale Elementary School assembly featuring me and my band, and later perform with the kid's choir. But it wasn't over yet- there was a second assembly at my high school, Niskayuna High School where I was able to show my love of jazz before my entire peer group- forever emblazoning my pursuit of jazz as legitamite- and maybe even cool. 

It was my first glimpse into life's greatest mystery-  its tendency to circle back and make sense of itself over time. When we look carefully, life rhymes like a beautiful song. Holly and I are still in touch today and she regularly cheers me on through my facebook fan page. She is a teacher who really cares, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I've had other great teachers, Sylvia Kutchukian, Sasha Dobson, Laurel Masse, Eileen Bush, Jobelle Yonely. I wish I could say I made the most of all of the learning opportnities I've had over the years, but I can say that my life has been blessed by coming into contact with these great women of music.

After booking a few upcoming performances at some new venues, I realized... I'd better get practicing, and although I've been a bit shy of being taught again, I heard about Eden Atwood 
and knew I had to reign in my little crazy horse self once again for life and music's next big lesson.

I'm looking forward to my lesson- it is my first voice lesson in over two years. But I'm more ready than ever to learn about the art and business of music. Can't wait to report back!

Never stop learning, growing and reaching.

Twitter: @NowItsLaura

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013's Best New Shops in Missoula

You know I'm all about a good deal.

Best new store in town... Scored some Express jeans and an Angora sweater for less than $10/each. With the prices going sky-high at Goodwill, this is a great alternative.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Things I Believe

I believe in the power of uncompromising feminine class, I found that this ideal has been mostly lost to this generation, especially in the music world. I endeavor to create some of that good music here to fill the gaping void I almost fell into years ago. This world and this life are what we make it.

I believe in an awakened society of people who are true to themselves, freely expressing and celebrating a different kind of beauty that eminates from within.

I believe in an ultimate †ruth, and it guides me.

I believe that great music has healing powers... the power to make a bad day good, and to make a good day better. I believe that no matter how poorly someone's day has gone, they can come to one of my shows and get their night saved. That's what I'm striving to create with The Salvation Blues.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Announcing: Valentine's Day show at the Montgomery Distillery

Join me at the Montgomery Distillery in Missoula for a beautiful night of love songs this Valentine's Day. The talented Keaton Wilson will be on the piano to help me make this a night you won't forget. I'm so excited for this performance! If you'd like to dedicate a song to be sung in honor of your loved one on this special occassion, please visit my Facebook page: Montana Jazz Vocalist and see how to request a song. Or, see my blog post with my song list right here: (coming soon!)

More details to come. The Montgomery Distillery is located at 129 W. Front St. in Missoula, MT and music will be between 6pm-8pm.

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