Friday, April 19, 2013

Learn to swing dance, we'll provide the music!

Hello, beautiful people. I want to share this event with you, as it will be my last big show in Missoula for awhile! I have a 6-piece swing band ready to go, which includes Bob Athearn, the indomitable piano personality who has been getting a lot of press lately.

I have always loved working with Bob because of his quick wit and great piano chops. What I didn't know is that he's 76 years old, and was only 4 years from retirement after 30 years of working for the University of Montana... until they let him go due to budget cuts this month, to be replaced with recorded music. Doesn't that just make your skin crawl??

I hope you'll come to the swing dance and support me as I say goodbye to Missoula. But with this additional news, I also hope you'll show your support for Bob Athearn by attending this event and just thanking him for making the University a more wonderful place for so many years. The article which discusses Bob leaving can be found here.

The University will surely come to regret their choice! Check out this great video of Bob created by Sally Finneran, and read the article about Bob Athearn's contribution to the U.

[From Kaimin article "The Man Behind the Music", written by Lizzy Duffy with photos by Megan Jae Riggs]

So, will you join us to celebrate this legacy and give me a great kick-off to the next stop on my slow motion world tour?

Again, the show is Saturday April 20th, 2013 
At the University of Montana UC Ballroom
Lesson at 7pm, Live Music starts at 8pm
Tickets at Door: $5 UM students/staff/faculty, $7 general admission, $8 couples

I really hope to see you there.

~ Laura Gabriele

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