About Me

Photo by Megan Jae Riggs
Hello, thanks for hanging out with me on my blog page!

My name is Laura Gabriele and I love entertaining people. I've been hooked on singing since before I can remember. Over the years, music and live performance have become a part of who I am, and I know I can never stop!

When I perfom music I've written myself, that's when I feel most aligned with what I'm meant to do.

When I'm not making music, I'm a marketing professional specializing in social media.

I don't have any cd's to sell you, or any empty hats for you to throw your change in- but I do try to keep a good line-up of shows and new material, always bringing something new to the table. Music isn't a money making venture for me, it's a means of creative expression. I always pay my band though, so supporting the venues that support us is greatly appreciated.

My music is inspired mostly by the vintage sounds of my favorite vocalists, Carmen McRae and Ella Fitzgerald, and then I like to add a creative twist, as some of my favorite modern music-makers have, such as The Black Keys and Feist.

My songs are available for free download on the "music" tab. If you'd like to support me, the best way is always to come see a live show , hire us for your special event, or recommend my music to your friends.

Thank you so much for staying connected with me! I'm glad I can share my love of music and life's musings with you. It's a wonderful world!