Laura has been delighting audiences for nearly 10 years with her small band and big bands across the country (including NYC, Philadelphia and Las Vegas), singing jazz and blues music. 
She has sung at festivals and fundraisers before audiences of hundreds, as well as such intimate venues as the famous Van Dyke Lounge in NY.  She would love to sing for your special event!

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For more reviews, show information, and recordings, see Laura at Reverbnation.

In order to fit her broad range of music styling, Laura regularly calls on the following Montana musicians and bands:

Chrsitopher Gray, guitar
Andrew Short, drums
Alyssa McLean, backing vocals
Morgan Solonar, backing vocals
Jordan Smith, bass (Three-Eared Dog)

Retro-blues and swing dance events:
Bob Athearn, keyboard (Full Grown Men)
Rick Waldorf, bass (Full Grown Men)
Peter Walther, guitar (Full Grown Men, The Frederico Brothers)

Tommy Pertis, guitar (Front St. Jazz Group, Josh Farmer Band)
Keaton Wilson, keyboard (The Captian Wilson Conspiracy)
Ed Stalling, drums (John Floridis Trio, Ed Norton Big Band)
Pete Hand,bass

Ed Norton Big Band

Kung Fu Kongress