Monday, March 11, 2013

"Charlotte"- Lyrics

After over 6 months of writing, molding and tweaking, my song about a woman's firearm is finally ready to record... interesting timing! I was inspired to write this song with the mounting news of sexual violence occuring in my own small town of Missoula, MT last Summer. I can't wait to share "Charlotte" with you, surprise a few yawners and turn the tables on crime, hopefully sometime next week?

Here are the lyrics:

Charlotte is a gun
I keep her in my garter just in case, some guy think's I'm for fun
That's the worst mistake he's ever gonna make

Charlotte doesn't sleep
Charlotte doesn't blink or take a break
Charlotte is a gun
Charlotte says she don't care what you say

She knows the truth, she needs no judge,
She is the last thing between you and God
She needs no proof of what she's seen,
She is my angel and my machine

Charlotte is a gun

" 'Safety first' is the motto of Miss Mary Jayne of Keith's circuit. Mary Jayne, seated in rocking chair with pistol strapped to her knee, claiming exemption from concealed weapon regulation by saying her thirty-two isn't a concealed weapon in these days of knee-length skirts." National Photo Company Collection, February 14, 1922.

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