Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My vocal coaches, and my first lesson in years, with Eden Atwood

Lola, my microphone.
Can you put a price on a good vocal coach? Beginning from a very young age, my mom always did her best to connect me with great teachers. Now it's my turn to start seeking one out for myself, and I must admit, I've been delaying it for far too long.

In my life, finding a great teacher has been as much a product of divine providence as dumb luck. I was lucky as a little girl living in Niskayuna, NY to be shaped by Holly Johnston, then known to me as Mrs. Peirce. Her passion for music and ability to make music fun really made an impression on me, as you can probably tell.

After learning that I had chosen to pursue music as a career, Holly invited me to lead a Rosendale Elementary School assembly featuring me and my band, and later perform with the kid's choir. But it wasn't over yet- there was a second assembly at my high school, Niskayuna High School where I was able to show my love of jazz before my entire peer group- forever emblazoning my pursuit of jazz as legitamite- and maybe even cool. 

It was my first glimpse into life's greatest mystery-  its tendency to circle back and make sense of itself over time. When we look carefully, life rhymes like a beautiful song. Holly and I are still in touch today and she regularly cheers me on through my facebook fan page. She is a teacher who really cares, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

I've had other great teachers, Sylvia Kutchukian, Sasha Dobson, Laurel Masse, Eileen Bush, Jobelle Yonely. I wish I could say I made the most of all of the learning opportnities I've had over the years, but I can say that my life has been blessed by coming into contact with these great women of music.

After booking a few upcoming performances at some new venues, I realized... I'd better get practicing, and although I've been a bit shy of being taught again, I heard about Eden Atwood 
and knew I had to reign in my little crazy horse self once again for life and music's next big lesson.

I'm looking forward to my lesson- it is my first voice lesson in over two years. But I'm more ready than ever to learn about the art and business of music. Can't wait to report back!

Never stop learning, growing and reaching.

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